How to drive cultural change and improve performance in the work environment

Workplace strategy and design specialist Nicola Gillen looks at how strengthening the relationship between people and place through workplace transformation can influence employee and organisational performance.

The workplace is no longer just a place where we go to ‘work’. To attract and retain the best talent, today’s workplaces need to inspire, support wellbeing and encourage collaboration and creativity. So how do you create workplaces that achieve all these things while also driving employee performance and achieving return on investment?

Members of the AECOM project team have contributed to an article: ‘People, performance and place: How using perceptive and cognitive data can create inspiring and collaborative workspaces that enable growth and innovation’. You can find out more by completing the form.

This article originally appeared in Corporate Real Estate Journal, Volume 8 / Number 2 / Winter 2018–19, pp. 118-135(18). Published by Henry Stewart Publications in London, UK.

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