The Future of Infrastructure: Philippines Webinar Series 2020

Thursday 23 July 2020, 10.30am to 11.30am
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Webinar Topic: Transportation in Metro Manila: Improving Mobility and Unlocking Opportunities for Resilience in a Post-Pandemic World


AECOM invites you to join us at The Future of Infrastructure: Philippines Webinar Series 2020.

Every year, AECOM publishes The Future of Infrastructure (FOI) report, which envisions where the industry is heading. This year’s issue comprises a series of relevant thought leadership articles covering themes relevant to the future of infrastructure planning, particularly in enabling resilience,  social value, climate change and sustainability, and making the case for infrastructure in a post-pandemic era.

In the Philippines, The Future of Infrastructure 2020 conversation kicks off this July on the country’s concerted efforts and approach towards strengthening city resilience with a focus on mobility, infrastructure and utilities, smart cities, green places and sustainable environments.

Our first webinar examines Philippine mobility issues, challenges and opportunities. As the economy reboots, how can transport systems be redesigned and transformed to improve physical and social mobility for people and communities? In a post-coronavirus world, what must we do to accommodate safety and health concerns, future population growth and infrastructure needs, and how can the public and private sector collaborate to make it happen?  

This discourse is especially timely as the Philippines and the world position for recovery, leverage infrastructure investment to improve lives, create better opportunities and strengthen economies.

Who should attend

The Future of Infrastructure: Philippines Webinar Series 2020 is open to all, especially those who are keen on understanding infrastructure and the built environment in the country and the region.

Webinar outcome

The webinar series is aimed at raising discussions on the possibilities in making our cities resilient together and delivering better infrastructure for the good of the nation.


Your opinions matter to our discussions.   

We would like to hear your views about your city’s transportation system and ease of mobility, and how they responded to the coronavirus outbreak. Please spend a few minutes to complete this survey. Your collective opinions will help shape our discussions during the regional webinars. Your feedback will be kept anonymous.  

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