Digital Cities: Digitally-enabled, people-centric webinar

Date: Wednesday, 6 April 2022 5:00-6:15PM (Hong Kong/Singapore Time GMT+8)


AECOM invites you to join the Digital Cities: Digitally-enabled, people centric webinar


People envision and digital enables

We are living in an age where digital technology is increasingly integrated into the urban infrastructure environment for better and smarter cities. However, is there enough focus on the one thing that no city can exist without — its people?

For cities to successfully embrace digital transformation, they need to focus on how new technology can help them serve their citizens better, enable and empower them in their day-to-day lives, and build inclusive and resilient communities that enhance the human urban experience for all.

As with any transformational project, building a digitally-enabled city for the future comes with challenges. For instance, how do we engage all stakeholders to help co-create a future model and to ensure no person or group is excluded? How do we use data to increase transparency and improve trust among those stakeholders, while at the same time, maintain privacy and security? What measurement frameworks need to be put in place to quantify the success — or shortcomings — of a digital city?

What the audience can expect from the webinar

In Digital Cities: Digitally-enabled, people-centric, a panel of industry experts will discuss how digital tools and solutions will not only enable cities to operate even more smartly in future, but they can be fully leveraged by cities to anticipate and advance the delivery of a future-ready people-centric approach.

In particular, the webinar will examine the active role that people can play in utilizing innovation to create value for all.


Our Moderator & Panelists

Thomson Lai (Presenter)
Asia Digital Leader,
Sylvester Wong (Moderator)
ESG Business Lead,
Vidhatri Gohil
General Manager,
Acorn Global Consulting
Albert Wong
Partner, PWC
Winnie Shiu
Past President,
The Hong Kong Institute
of Surveyors
Paul Wilcock
Cost Management,
London, AECOM
Anyu Fang
Associate Director,
Urban Design,
Strategy &  Development, 

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